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NanoZ 阻抗测量仪

日期:2020-04-27 14:33:50 人气:390

NanoZ 阻抗测量仪


The nanoZ includes several inbuilt electroplating modes for automated electrode impedance matching, activation, and cleaning. As the nanoZ utilizes a very low test current and only requires a computer with a USB port, it is easy to use and ideal for both in vivo and in vitro applications.
The nanoZ comes packaged with a 1.8m USB cable, a 32 channel NZA CAL calibration adaptor, a 3-pin to alligator clip cable, and the software installation CD. Additionally, a Plexon/nanoZ adaptor specific to the headstage in use will be needed.
The nanoZ is fast, accurate and very easy to use, but only when using the appropriate adaptors bridging your electrodes to the nanoZ. 


The hardware, coupled with the nanoZ software offers the following at your fingertips:

FeatureSpecifications and OptionsRemarks
ChannelsUp to 64 
Impedance working measurement range1k to 100MΩ 
Test frequencies1Hz to 5kHzDefault 1kHz sinusoid test waveform or other arbitrary user-defined waveforms.
Accuracy and precision1kΩ display resolution
10k to 20MΩ with ≤ 2% error
All channels matched to within 1%.
Test current1nA RMS (max)Bias current of 50pA is typical; low test currents suitable for in vitro or in vivo.
Constant current electroplating±5V compliance, ±12μA range with 100nA adjustment step resolution 
Dimensions81 x 70 x 12mm
3.2 x 2.8 x 0.47 inches
Weight82g (2.9oz) 
Onboard EEPROMStores device-specific calibration values.Firmware updates installed via the USB interface.
PlatformWindows® 7, 2000, XP, XP64 and VistaWith spare USB port.
SDK availabilityMATLAB®.MEX library for developing specialized user control applications.

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